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Pharmacy Judicial review    (20th March 2017)
Over two million people petitioned the government to halt plans for massive cuts to local pharmacy services. Unfortunately, Ministers did not listen and pressed ahead regardless.

The National Pharmacy Association (NPA) reluctantly decided we have no option but to challenge the decision via judicial review. The case will be heard in the High Court next week.

The NPA believes that the Department of Health’s decision to cut the community pharmacy budget was taken unlawfully because the Department of Health failed to properly consider the impact on the poorest communities and most vulnerable patients. The Department of Health also did not understand the impact on people with protected characteristics such as age, disability, sex and race.

A fuller – but I hope easy to read – explanation can be found at:

Above all else we wish to establish a constructive dialogue with government to discuss how community pharmacy can do so much more to relieve the many pressures on our health service.

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Ian Strachan
National Pharmacy Association